Founded by an artist.

Ant Steel is a professional artist with over 30 years experience in all manner of creative roles. He has owned animation studios and serviced blue chip brands such as Samsung, Coca Cola, Unilever, Nestle, Energizer, Apple, Honda and many more. He has lectured animation to children at the college of education and as a graphic artist has lead teams of creatives. For the last 10 years Ant has focused more on spay painting, airbrush and graffiti. In 2013 Ant's passion for the rawness of paint and its brutal honesty was rekindled when he created a 32 foot mural in California. Since then he has had a vision to share street art painting with everyone.

Connected to an art collective.

One of the most exciting and unique elements of Keepit Street is our connection to The Collective Gallery artists! All of the members are ambassadors for Keepit Street and join in alongside the community with every project we do. This is a group of fantastic artists who are overflowing with inspiration and positivity to share with the crew.

Creating powerful imagery

for brands.

There's been such a positive response from the community and especially from schools and youth groups that we thought what a marvellous opportunity this is for brands to get involved and expose their message in a very hands-on way! Many brands we talk to have either charitable programmes running or important social messages to get out into the community, especially a youth community. This demographic is usually really hard to reach, however with our Keepit Street murals and activities this audience literally comes to us and gets involved because it’s something they can take ownership of and is so rewarding.

The Process

Step 1 : Connect

The first step is to start a conversation with the community about what types of imagery would motivate and inspire them the most, involving the youth to hear all their ideas.

Find your voice

Step 2 : Conceptualize

Our next step is to compile the best ideas into one memorable and succinct visual message. We have experienced creative directors and artists in our team who know just how to do this.

Develop Your Message

Step 3 : Create

Together we turn the concept into a reality, involving community members, schools and business through workshops that focus on creativity, confidence and unity.

Bring it to life
Workshops at The Collective Gallery

Love what you do